Aromatherapy Massage Training Courses in Nottinghamshire

massage manRosewood Aromatherapy College's Diploma course and selection of post graduate CPD courses gives students access to some of the highest level of training in the UK.  We offer a variety of interesting CPD courses for qualified therapists, together with individually tailored Upgrade courses (for those who have qualified in Aromatherapy under a different awarding body and wish to become members of the IFA); and also Refresher courses (for those who wish to revisit and update their Aromatherapy Massage training).

At its most basic, Aromatherapy uses essential oils which are actually the organic essences of aromatic plants. They are very concentrated and each oil possesses its own individual therapeutic properties and fragrance. Used in combination with a nourishing carrier oil, lotion or cream, the essential oils are worked into the skin and the aroma is simultaneously inhaled. As a result, they have the potential to penetrate deep into the tissues and circulatory system.

An Aromatherapy blend usually consists of several essential oils which are combined synergistically. In other words, the combined use of the oils produces a greater beneficial effect than just one oil used alone. The benefits of Aromatherapy can also take place on different levels, ie physically, mentally and emotionally, thereby producing a more balanced sense of wellbeing.

Aromatherapy is a very ancient form of therapeutic treatment, and it’s difficult to know exactly where or when aromatic material began to be used. Perhaps when making fire, prehistoric man discovered that burning certain plants altered his state of awareness, or made it easier for him to breathe. What we do know is that all the major ancient civilisations of the world used aromatic oils for one purpose or another, eventually combining them with touch therapies giving us Aromatherapy as we know it today.

As a subject, the study of aromatic/vegetable oils is fascinating and complex, and can quite easily occupy a lifetime’s worth of study. Aromatherapy provides a wonderful combination of art and science – the art of creatively blending some of the world’s most beautiful fragrances, together with the science of understanding how different chemical components within each oil interact with each other and with the human body.

Finally, to help you understand something of the passion that Aromatherapists have for their oils, here are some words from a fellow Aromatherapist:

"Aromatherapists adore aromatic plants and we spend many hours satiating our olfactory nerves in the scents of our trade and mulling over the plants that produce essential oils."
Harriet Robinson, Aromatherapist.

We are always willing to welcome newcomers into our obsession!

Marie Hackman
Aromatologist, IFA Council Member and Principal Tutor (Rosewood Aromatherapy College)

Why not further your Aromatherapy training at our Nottinghamshire school - ideal for students in the Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Belper, Newark, Southwell, Sheffield, Doncaster, Eastwood and Ilkeston areas.

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